What is Delayed Gratification?

Month of August is a nice but busy month for me so I am looking forward for more experiences I can make for this month of September. This is my first post for this month so please bare with me :) They say August is a ghost month but for me even if it is, it does open a new door for me to stick with my peso cost averaging strategy for my mutual fund investment with FAMI. Even the market is down, I know I should be happy since I can buy more shares with cheaper cost. I am planning to increase my monthly investment for the month of October.

Well, let’s go back to my topic here. What is delayed gratification?

It is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. 

I am doing this for few months already, I tell you this is very hard because I am a huge spender before and was also addicted to online shopping but thank God I was able to stop.  It is now very clear to me to identify the wants and the needs. If it is a want, then period I will not buy it. Needs is more important, like food. How can we live without food?So food is my first priority. I don’t anymore buy clothes,yeah!I cannot anymore remember when was the last time I was able to buy clothes for myself. I don’t care about the trends now, seeing those pretty girls wearing those clothes that are on trend now will not make me anymore jealous,hehe. Why? When I look on my closet, I still have clothes that I can wear especially some of them has not been worn so many times. Same as for shoes, and bags (I am a bag addict before) if I see a bag, it is like a diamond that I need to buy.

I am now buying experiences than things that can be gone. Experiences with your loved ones like family and friends cannot be gone.

Before I am thinking of going to the gym and pay for a monthly membership just to exercise. But right now I am doing a weekend Saturday run for 2-3 mi . Running is also a very cheap exercise, I mean you will not spend any money on doing this kind of exercise plus it does make us healthy.

On September 20th I am now again going to a Single’s for Christ Regional Conference at Pagadian City for  about 2 days. So for sure another memorable experience for me  :) I will update you about that here in my blog when I get back.

Oh by the way,  the reward that I am expecting to have in the future because of this delayed gratification I am taking right now is………


I want to retire comfortably at the age of 65 :)


FAMI Funds Is Now Merchants in Unionbank!

When I log in into my Facebook account this evening and check my wall, this update from First Metro Asset Management Inc. pop up directly to my eyes.


CTO (Credit to the Owner) of this Picture by First Metro Asset Management Inc.

Great News!

The FAMI funds are now merchants in Unionbank! You may now add to your investments using the Over-the-Counter Bills Payment Slip or the Unionbank Online Bills Payment facility!


- These payment methods may only be used for additional investments only.
- Please make sure that you input 8 digits for your FAMI Account number. An account number of less than 8 digits should have zeros before it to make it 8 digits. Ex: Account number 12345 should be written as 00012345.
- You no longer need to submit a FAMI Investment Application Form (IAF) when using this facility.

View and download the guide here!


This is really a great news for me! Why? Because I have a EON Visa Electron card and I can finally use it to make additional investment to my SALEF account online, yes online! This is very convenient now. No more going to Metrobank and pay using bills payment slip and have it scanned including the FAMI Investment Application Form. You can read the step by step process on how to do it in the guide link above.


FAMI August Additional Investment Confirmation Receipt Arrived Today

I have been making an additional investment with my SALEF (Save & Learn Equity Fund) at FAMI for about 6 months now. I had received my August Additional investment this morning and mom handed it to me and said the mailman give it to her and she signed the mail. I book this investment last August 8, 2013 with an initial investment of PHP 1000, yes it’s the minimum investment and this is the amount I can only afford for now since I have still many obligations need also to prioritize at home. The NAVPS was 5.1667, the total number of shares I bought is 190. I am manually tracking it in a google doc spreadsheet, click this to see it. 

Air 21 was the courier that FAMI is using and they have a very great delivery service not like LBC. Air 21 does deliver the mail in our house on time :)


Thank You Again Air 21 :)

I am looking forward for more 4 years and 4 months of investing with FAMI. How about you? Did you already started investing for your future?

Memorable Weekend at Digkilaan, Iligan City

Last weekend August 10, 2013 was a memorable weekend for me, why? I was able to spend it with my family in the morning doing the morning run and after that was to go to Digkilaan, Iligan City with friends. It was the best weekend ever for me because I was able to do the things I normally not do, what I mean was climbing a mountain for about 1 hr, yeah you heard me right!I am normally doing it, as a child, mom restricted me to do this kind of things because I grow up to be a sick child well I have an asthma and doing this kind of activities is not good for my health. When I joined the CAT (Citizen’s Army Training) in 4th year high school this kind of disease has been gone and I am hoping that it will not come back again.

Ok now, let me go on with my story on what happened last weekend. Let me tell you each steps I had :)

  • Wake up at 4:30 am and walk to the nearest place where we could do the running exercise with my Mom, my Aunt and Auncle. 
  • Went home at around 7:30 am, the exercise was really good especially I am happy coz my family is with me.
  • At 9:00 am we met up with friends at Shoppe 24, this is our meeting place for us to get ready to Digkilaan.
  • At 11:00 am we depart from our meeting place to start the journey :)
  • We ride a jeepney from Shoppe 24 which cost only PHP 8.00 to San Roque, Iligan City where the motorcycle terminal is located.
  • Then ride the motorcycle which cost PHP 35.00 to Digkilaan, Iligan City. The road was ok but oh i never thought it was far.
  • We arrived at Digkilaan at around 11:20 am. So we started walking to go to the nearest waterfall which named “Dodiongan Falls”. See the picture below :)


“Doodiongan Falls” – is it wonderful? Yeah it is!!!


Well, it cannot be complete without me taking a picture with it :)


Me 1 :)


Me 2 :)

  • So after that picture taking, we started walking again for around 45 minuntes to 1 hr to climb the mountain. Look at us walking :)


You can see lots of coconuts on our way up. Were glad the weather is good.

  • We then rested for a few minutes after that long walk. This time I thought we are near, by my friend Irene were still very far from our destination. Oh oh,.well this is indeed an unforgettable experience. See our photo below.


After 1 hour finally we had arrived our destination. It was the house of one of our Sister in Christ Ate Gagay whom unfortunately is not with us because she is at Manila for work, her mother and cousin was at their house. The experience was a sweat releaser, I mean all my sweat that I think was not release because of my work nature has been released with that walk we had. Going away from the city and seeing all the trees, mountains, and animals was a stress reliever and also the fresh air we did able to breath was indeed God is really great! The people also living their is very simple, they go to their farm to feed their animals and then eat, rise and sleep very early. These kind of things does not happen when we are living in a city like the noise, pollution, work and all sometimes make me think that life is not simple after all.

If my father is alive until now my life is also simple because we live in a small barangay in Samar, Leyte that has lots of trees around our house, no busy noises of cars and pollution. Well, I cannot make the time go back and have my father live until now so I will accept what God has been done with my life. Living in the city and just to be simply be always thankful with the blessings He had given me. This kind of experience which is climbing the mountain for 1 hr will stay forever for the rest of my life :)

Iligan City Midtown Bowling Lanes

It’s Monday but I was able to play bowling at Midtown Bowling Lanes Palao, Iligan City for few hours with friends. By the way, I came from Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines 9200 and was living in this industrious city for almost 16 years already. We started living in this city since May 1997 when my father died on September 24, 1995 at Catbalogan, Samar. My mom decided to go back to her hometown where most of her relatives reside because she thinks that it was better to live with her relatives easy to reach than being a miles a part from them.

Well, so much for my life story :) my friends meet up at church this afternoon to have a bonding time and agreed to bond at Midtwon Bowling Lanes for about 1-2 hours only. This way we can be able to spend each others company plus it’s a healthy way of doing an exercise. Below are our photo shots inside the bowling lane :) By the way, it was very cheap to play here, one game cost only PHP 30.00, so that would be only for 1 pair.


Guess, which of the two lady is me :) This is inside the bowling lane.


So I expect now you know which of the two lady above is me :) Me as the scorer for the 1st game.


A close up photo with my friend Diane :)


I’d like you to meet my friends. From left (Diane, Me, Shayne, Irene, Dave & Arcelli)


Holding the score sheet with Irene and Shayne :)


More close up photo of the group.


Finally the score sheet!Look who win among us :)

Below are my observation of the place:


  • Very affordable to play here. One game cost only PHP 30.00.
  • Easily accessible coz it is just within the city and a walking distance only from church.
  • The lady attendant is kind and allow us to occupy the 4 lanes for my group instead of 2 only.


  • Rules about how to properly play inside is not strictly emphasize. The “Not allowed food to bring inside” is not followed. Some people who play inside did bring food to eat but my group follow it and we did not bring any food inside.
  • The comfort room is very dirty.
  • The bowling pins is not automatically installed in each lane. A child will need to rearrange each pins once the player hit them.
  • Proper ventilation is not enough. Some electric fans does not function.

As a conclusion, it doesn’t matter how dirty or any cons I noticed inside the bowling lane. As long as it is affordable and my friend had enjoyed playing then for me it is worth it :) The friendship and memories counts not the place we choose!

Frugal Weekend Exercise

This weekend was a great weekend for me and my family. It was a while that I was not able to do this kind of exercise which is “Jogging” or “Jog”:) I am working online from Monday to Friday and my work keeps me unhealthy, always sitting on my chair and facing the computer of 8 hrs a day. It does keep me very weak at the end of the week so I really want to go back doing this kind of exercise. This kind of exercise is a frugal way of exercise, why? Well, from our house we will only walk 1 km to the place where this jog area is located, so not that far and it has no fee at all if you will jog on the area. There are a lot of people also who goes to this jog area every weekend or everyday. I prefer to jog every Saturday because doing it everyday is not possible for me to do so. I am hoping that I can increase the distance I was able to run next Saturday :) Below are the photos taken while me and my family doing the jog :)

Oh, I was not able to mention the app that I use to track my pace during the run. The app I downloaded on my ipod is called “Nike+Running App” or “Nike+”. Here is the photo I’ve taken to track my jog.

IMG_0202I was able to run at about “1.15 mile” :)

Photos with my family below:


The area :)


My mom (left) and her sister Flor (right) with the dog “Itchi” :)


Me and mom’s sister :)


Mom’s sister and her husband “Jerry”

After our running exercise, we go to the nearest food chain to eat breakfast. So we go to “Jollibee”




So that’s it! It was a very memorable weekend with family indeed :)

Silk Secrets One Minute Hot Oil Treatment Review

I was not able to do a review about this beauty regimen I am using for one month now or nope probably 2 months already, so right now I would like to write a review about this product. My friend “Irene” told me about this treatment which is “Silk Secrets One Minute Hot Oil Treatment” when I noticed that her hair was looking shiny and smooth. She told me that she bought it at Watsons, luckily when I go to Watsons store yesterday with my friends Arcelli and Diane, the product has been labeled “Buy 2 Take 1″ which means that if I will buy 2 pieces of this I can get the other piece for free, yay!Yes, free :) So I talk to them and we just divide the total of the 2 piece for the 3 of us, so each one of us can get one piece. They absolutely agree with me and what I am happy about is that I was able to save the amount I will be buying for that 2 piece since I only need 1.

See the product below:

Silk Secret

Product Name: Silk Secrets One Minute Hot Oil Treatement


Weight: 350 g

Price: PHP 169. 75

Where to Buy: Watsons


Silk Secret2


How to Use?


Silk Secrets One Minute Hot Oil Treatment moisturizes hair thoroughly and penetrates quickly into every hair strands, it effectively revitalizes, freshens and adds shine to hair.

To Use: After shampoo apply Silk Secrets One Minute Hot Oil Treatment evenly on hair. Gently massage and leave on for one minute. Rinse thoroughly. Recommended for daily use.

I am using this everyday when I take a bath. I don’t use shampoo by the way everyday because as what I have read on some other blogs that it can cause your hair to dry even more. I alternate the days when using shampoo, I use shampoo on Monday, on Tuesday I will not and just use this on my hair, on Wednesday is shampoo+ this again and on Thu, so and so forth.

What I noticed for over month of using this in my hair , is that my hair fall has been lessen plus it does add shine to my hair and it is very smooth when i run a fingers on it. It is not also itchy on scalp and does not cause any dandruff. I am always careful when using any products on my hair because I am easily gets dandruff. So I will cite now the pros and cons of this product.


  • Smells good : ) The aloe vera scent makes me relax.
  • Does not feel itchy on scalp after washing. You have to wash your hair properly.
  • Add shine to hair.
  • Lessen hair fall.
  • Recommended for daily use.


  • A bit pricey :) Don’t take this negatively, I am a person who does prefer cheap products.

My product rate is: 9/10

See my hair below to find out the result:


How about you? Did you also use this product? I strongly recommend for you to try this product out :)


My July Expenses Using Spender Tracker App

I have write about the Spender Tracker App and it’s features so last month (July) I’ve began using it to track my expenses. Actually I am tracking it last March 2013 without the app, I am tracking it with a Google drive spreadsheet. It was a bit tedious but I disciplined my self to track my expenses in order for me to stay within my budget.

Below is my total expenses for the past 4 months (March, April, May and June 2013) Currency is in Peso (Php):


Notice the difference between the past 4 months. I have the smallest expense last June 2013 and very high last May 2013. My help to parents is very big right now or this year because I am helping my mother to renovate our house and to sustain her daily diabetes oral medication. Some may say that I am a very good daughter :) for helping my mom. I am happy and glad that I am helping her this way. It’s a payback time for me since I have now my own income that can sustain beyond my needs. I rarely buy stuff now for myself, not like before that I get addicted to online shopping. Glad I was able to stop that addiction last 2010 and right now is slowly walking to be financially free by investing in a mutual fund vehicle and saving some for emergencies.

Now, let me proceed to my July Expenses :) . I am using the spender tracker app, so let’s see how it goes.


My total expenses for this month is PHP 24, 741 or $567.  Oh No!!!I don’t like it! Last month my expenses is only PHP 22004 or $504.  I hope I could make it smaller this month of August.  I will cut down on my irregular expenses like eating out always with friends and some stuff that I can’t get off myself to buy. The result does disappoint me but I know I should keep moving on and learn to be more responsible on where my money goes.

How about you? Do you also track your expenses? Please comment below, I need your reactions :)

My Daily Beauty Regimen

I have mention in my previous post that I will write about my daily beauty regimen. So here I am now writing this up :) I have told you in that previous post that I suffer from acne last year (particularly April 2012) until June 2013. I really need to follow strict daily regimen for my face. My dermatologist advised me not to put anything aside from what she prescribed me until all my acne has been cleared up. My face is clear with acne now but I still follow this strict regimen, better follow it than be sorry later. So below are my daily regimen.


1. I wash my face with this “Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for All Skin Types”. 118 ml cost is PHP 98, this is available in all leading drugstores nationwide.


2.  After washing my face with Cetaphil. I put this “Cetaphil Moisturizer 10G” right away. I bought this moisturizer directly from my dermatologist clinic which cost PHP 250 or $5-$6. I don’t know yet if this kind of moisturizer is available in other stores nationwide.


3. After putting the moisturizer, i then put this next. This is a sunblock with SPF 110. It’s name is “Quadblock SPF 110″. My dermatologist said that I really need to put a sunblock to protect my face from the harmful rays of the sun. This cost PHP 280 or $6.48.


4. I then put a “Johnson’s Baby Powder with nourishing Milk”, any Johnson’s Baby Powder will do.  My face gets very oily when putting the moisturizer and sunblock so this powder will set up my face to be matte finish, not too dry or oily. This cost only PHP 19 or PHP 25, I am sorry I forgot the price but I will update the price on my next purchase.


5. This is now my “acne rescuer” :) I have write a review about this product, click HERE. This is “Clindamycin Phosphate SOS” with 1% topical antibiotic. I put this on my acne and the acne will get dry for few minutes. I usually apply this everyday until the acne is gone. This cost PHP 98 or $2, this is available in Mercury Drugstores nationwide.



1.  Wash you face before you go to bed, I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I have read several blogs about washing our face before we go to sleep, we should really wash our face before going to bed  even if we are very tired from work or any activities we did the whole day. Specially for those who really suffer from acne like me. We should not forget washing our face before we go to bed.

My dermatologist prescribed me this night cream “AHA+TRET #2″. She said that “AHA” will make the acne marks disappear for few weeks plus this is also an anti-aging cream. This is very effective in removing acne scars. I started with “AHA+TREAT #1″ and move on to #2. If ever I did stop using #2 for few days or weeks, I should really get back to #1. I will write a review about this product on my next post. By the way, this cost PHP 250 or $5-$6. I only bought this product on my dermatologist clinic but I think AHA is also available on selected drugstores nationwide.


So that’s it! How about you? What is your daily beauty regimen?

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